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Plastic Injection Mold

Mould Size :Middle-Large Size

Quality Guarantee :SO9001:2008 & ISO14001:2004

Lead Time :25-60 days, on basis of mold complexity.

Electronic & electrical equipment Part general material:ABS、PC、PC+ABS etc.

Injection Mould Material:  P20, H13,718,S136, 1.2311, 1.2738, NAK80, 2344, 2083 ect.

Mould cavity number:  Single cavity, Multiple cavity ,interchangeable inserts cavities or one mould with different products

Runner system:  Hot runner , Cold runner etc.,as per customers requirement and part structure

Main process:  Milling, grinding, CNC, EDM, wire-electrode cutting,electrospark, lathe, etc

Surface treatment:  VDI 3400 Code, SPI finish standard, MOLD-TECH, textured surface, polish etc.

Software:  UG/ Solidworks / Pro-E / Mouldflow/ Plastics Insight etc.

How the plastic part is produced?: Put the plastic particles into the hopper, heat it into liquid plastic in the barrel, and then put the plastic into the cavity by pressure, after the part is cooled and solidified,open the mould,then the product will be ejected, a plastic part process is completed.

Molten plastic injection steel mould, its pressure can reach 5 tons to 10000 tons, The time of injection of a single part has a great relationship with the structure of the mould, the type of material used and the injection machine.At present, JIMEI owns injection moulding machine from 80T-1300T, which can meet the production of injection moulding products of medium and large mould.


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