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How to select the Plastic injection mold factory

With the progress and development of the society, all walks of life have sprung up like mushrooms. To develop their own enterprises, it is not only important to discover the accurate customers, but also to choose a reliable supplier.


Now Jimei mold technology CO.,LTD. to describe something for robot plastic mold industry - teach you how to select high-quality plastic mold suppliers:


1. Web site


This is an era of Internet information, In order to looking for new suppliers, we can search the search engine to find some qualified plastic mold manufacturers. Secondly, browse the company's website and have a basic understanding of its company's status.


(Jimei mold Technology CO.,LTD. website, If you want to know more about Jimei mold information, please click to see:




2. Have a survey of the scale of the company


As the old saying goes, running a monk can't run away from the temple, literally emphasizing the importance of owning its own workshop. This is the most important aspect of the company's strength.


(Jimei mold was founded in 2004, has a own industrial park more than 20 thousand square meters, registered capital of 30 million yuan, fixed assets of 80 million yuan.



3. Company equipment


If we want to produce qualified plastic mould, of course, we can't ignore advanced equipment's technical support. As follows:


(Jimei mold production workshop has high precision CNC machining center, horizontal machining center, Longmen machining center, double head spark machine, mould machine, wire cutting machine, CNC lathe, CNC milling machine, high precision grinding machine, injection machine and other mechanical processing equipment. The detection center is equipped with CMM three coordinate measuring instrument and two-dimensional projection. Hi-tech testing, etc.



4. The elite


An excellent supplier of plastic mold requires not only advanced equipment but also a group of experienced elites.


(Jimei mold has a more than 20 years of experience in engineering team and a group of passionate service team.)



5., Rich experience in production


Practice is the only criterion for testing truth. Enterprises are growing up in practice, so having rich experience is particularly important.


(Jimei mold has rich experience in producing robot plastic. The robot produced by Jimei is one of the most widely covered robots in the robot market and the largest number of robots in the robot market.)




Do you want to know how to select a high quality plastic mold manufacturer?


Jimei mold , an injection mold manufacturer specializing in robot supply chain.

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