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Skype +86 17190303699
Registered Add Shenzhen, China
Type of business Mold processing and manufacturing, plastic products
Number of Employees 150
Annual sales 100 million
Established in 2004
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Shenzhen Jimei Mold technology Co.,Ltd. is one of Shenzhen Machinery Association member and governing units and established in year 2004 with 30 million RMB registered capitals,which mainly devoted in injection mold,design and manufacturing.We own the factory covers more than 20000 square meters.


Company Development History:


Company Location:


Copmany Devision and structure:


Company profile:


Company workshop (Including mold workshop and injection workshop):


Company equipments:

Jimei has high precision vertical, CNC machine, Horizontal CNC machine, gantry machining-center, Double-end EDM Machine, Injection Machine, Die spotting Machine,Wire-Cutting Machine. Digital Control Lathe,Numeric Control Milling Machine,High Precision Grinding Machine and other equipment, besides we have CMM 3D inspection machine,Project machine and other accurate inspection device. In order to let our company integrated with world we build a team consist of experienced engineer which could satisfy any demand you required and got good reputation from Southeast Asia,Europe,and other markets.


Jimei has obtained ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification:


Company honor:


Injection mold manufacturing flow chart:


Prodution management of injection mold---ERP System:


As is known that a good quality mold mostly depend on the mold design process, we pick the most advantage CAD/CAM/CAE software to implement the difficulty in mold design. Besides we use the UG/ Solidworks / Pro-E / Moldflow/ Plastics Insight to analyze the mold to check if it have warpage discoloration/ water ripple / sink mark / warpage / short shot etc. In this way we not only can achieve high efficiency drawing but also can manufacturing a high quality and more precision mould.


Project management:

1. Carry out responsibility system of project manager, follow the project with customer.

2. For the issues during the design and production, established system of project evaluation, all solutions should get the approval by customer before implementation.

3. Provide project schedule and progress report on a regular basis.

4. Coordinate the engineering change and  communicate its feasibility analysis with customer.

5. Review the samples and summarize the issues.

6. Continuous improvement and absorbing the experience.


The front-end customer support:

1.The early stage of the product development and design, have professional engineers to participate in it.

2. Actively cooperate with the confirmation of preliminary model effects.

The flow chart of QC and quality inspection flow:


The product we main manufacturing including Automotive,Medical Appliance,Household appliances, Electronic & Electrical Equipment,Robot,Passenger Aircraft Interior Parts and other related products.

Mold show:


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Way of packing:


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The area of sales market:

We have established strong credit and working relationship with our current clients who are in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and some southeast Asian countries.


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Company exhibition:


Aoccrding to Jimei’s mind identity “pursuit of excellence, superior yourself”, Jimei always arranges variety or interesting activities, like public service,traveling and training courses.We are continuing to enhance our enterprising spirit.


Jimei sincerely look forward to cooperation with you!

In passed ten years,Jimei comply with the general trend, walking in the struggle,grow in the exploration and whetting. Jimei has been gradually formed its own development in line with the cultural ethos and philosophy.The temperament and ideas are summarized and sublimation, is of great significance for the future development of Jimei.


Talent is the strong of the enterprises. With the company strength, Jimei increasing investment of human resources, external positive to the community join,to strengthen internal training talents cultivation measures,cultivate a professional, good management and the pursuit of excellence in corporate management team. At the same time, the company established and improved a series of standardized management system,the company various departments clear technological process which provide a strong guarantee to achieve business goals.


In the future, Jimei will be as in the past the uphold integrity-based, customer first,mutual benefit and win-win business philosophy. Provide customers with better products, the best service, for the staff to create a good development platform, and constantly create value for society, and continue to promote the promote the company’s development.

1. Mold technology

From the products of industrial design to product design to final die design,Jimei has experienced engineers at every stage in the product design service for the customer.


We understood that if we want to create a mold and long life, high precision, high efficiency, occupies a very important role of excellent design. Jimei Engineering Department has an excellent design team, can design a product map/standard mould structure and processing parts drawings in high efficiency. Team members have high academic qualifications and rich experience in design, most of them are engaged in mold design professionals.Design and manufacturing technology is the perfect combination here.

As is known that a good quality mold mostly depends on the mold design process, we pick the most advantage CAD/CAM/CAE software to implement the difficulty in mold design. Besides we use the UG/ Solidworks / Pro-E / Moldflow/ Plastics Insight to analyze the mold to check if it has warpage discoloration/ water ripple / sink mark/warpage / short shot etc. In this way, we not only can achieve high-efficiency drawing but also can manufacture a high quality and more precision mould.

2. Manufactory equipment

Jimei now has a high precision vertical CNC machine,  horizontal CNCmachine, gantry machining-center, double-end EDM machine, injection machine, die spotting Machine, wire-cutting machine, digital control lathe, numeric control milling machine, high precision grinding machine and other equipment.


3. Mold quality

Jimei has obtained ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification.


Jimei QC department has CMM 3D inspection machine, project machine and another accurate inspection device to guarantee the quality.


Jimei continues to improve the management mechanism, standardize procedures, ensure each procedure of production quality in the scope of control; Jimei established full participation in the quality assurance mechanism, needs all staff participation so that we can bring the best benefits for customers.Each key component will be carried out a full range of detection, ensure the quality of the mold.Before delivery, we will also be carefully examined to ensure compliance with customer requirements.


4. Informatization and automatization

Jimei uses the information management system in the mould production process. In the mold production process management as the core, in order to delivery of the entire production process using information management. The whole system to ensure quality, reduce cost and shorten production cycle as a goal. Feedback can execute the production plan and site performance at the terminal of ERP through the simple operation of the production staff, managers can control the production schedule and workshop resourced load.Quick clamping system, improve the electrode mold machining circulation efficiency, using the process of reducing the error rate.


According to Jimei’s mind identity “pursuit of excellence, superior yourself”,  Jimei always arranges variety or interesting activities, like public service, traveling and training courses.We are continuing to enhance our enterprising spirit.


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